Give students the right questions(log 2008-7-4)

From LATINA class, I get to know I didnot give the students the right question.  I always ask my students ANY QUESTIONS, but without the questions return. Mr Tord tells me that it is a format of traditional teaching, and it is not the right question. For the teacher to ask any questions, it is better to oganize them to discuss and form the question. Yes, that is better for the students learning.

Then I wonder how to control the question answering process and how to know which answer is right, and so on for further research
-discriminate the answers 

Mr Tord hold the discuss about my question in our classmates, and the followings are some of the solution, which are writen on the Smartboard(the board is real smart than us sometimes, hoho) by Mr Lars

open ended questions:
-if you donnot like the answer, ask for more suggestions
-write down all the answers, discuss the answers
-give an assignment to the question
-single out answers
-send the students to the library


Thanks all the lectures


Make a film from your your originality(log 2008-7-2)

What is a trgger, then what is a film from your heart, then why we need to make a film, and what is the using for the film as a trigger….

Yes, to make a film as your design is to making a trigger.

However, it is funny to make a film from your your  originality, today we do it, as we think.

How to search some material from Internet (log 2008-7-1)

Mr Lars has told us how to do the pre-research.

1  to find the interest field, topic and the words

2  to searching the  exact article A

3  to read the article A and then from the article A to find others articles collection

   3.1 from the article A reference to find articles B

   3.2 from the article A keywords to find articles C

   3.3 frome the article A related themes to find articles D

4 to get the total articles collection from B, C and D


Then how to searching the  exact article A, Ms Kristin then intoduce the methods as following

1  to search from google, or yahoo or others

2  to search from wikipedia 

3  to search from database, the digital library.


Then the next question is how to from the exact keywords, there are many  skills such as Educational will be replaced by Educat*, which is better. 

The lecture I can teach me students (log 2008-6-30)

Nowadays, the technology is a swift around us.  And maybe you are still using some tools behind the times. The tools on web is a global tendency, for it is easy to use, it is free and  we can cooperate together for a team at anywhere. On the LATINA class, I have opportunity to get to know and use these tools, which are useful. I would like to teach these tools to my student in the class INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION.

1 Photostory, which can develop a media telling a story, following from taking some photos and formating the themes. And the media also can be called TRIGGER.

2  Wordpress, which can be form a server as blog, and we can design blogs as posts or pages. The blog can focus some topics we selcect to teach.

3 Google Earch, which is a globe picture located to almost the buildings and the cars in our compus.

4 iGoogle, Which is a personal portal to integrate more web tools, such as PICASA, GMAIL, GTALK.

Otherwise, I also want to teach some other tools to my students, Moodle and SuperSketchpad. The Moodle is is content manage system, which can form our teaching content, The SuperSketchpad is a methematics tools whcih can be used drawing.

Summer School Opening

27 international students participate in Oslo University College’s first summer school. Director Dagrun Kvammen promised three exiting weeks when she opened the summer school Monday June 23rd

Here is a Slideshow in Frankfurt

It is the airport


Mathematics is interesting for the pupil in China.

Some people think it hard to learn mathematics, it is the fact in China. However, many teachers in China devote to help pupil to understand, that is, mathematics is interesting.